HACO Lab. supports return logistics and tax exemption procedures for returnable containers.

  • 01

    In the operation of returnable containers, it is often said that there is a problem with the retention or loss of containers at the destination.

    Our bases in 23 overseas countries cooperate to ensure that empty containers are collected from the delivery destination and returned to the shipping source.

    We will return it in the optimum transportation mode considering the usage prospect and return cost of the shipping factory.

  • 02

    Returnable containers that have returned to the place of origin are temporarily stored in our warehouse and delivered to the customer’s base at the required timing and in the required amount.

    By using our warehouse as a container depot, you will not have to worry about the storage location of the container.

    By entrusting the whole venous distribution to HACO Lab., it is possible to operate a returnable container with good metabolism.

  • 03

    In international logistics, customs declaration is required for containers in each country.

    However, depending on the application and operation, it is possible to receive tax exemption measures such as customs duties, but the procedure differs depending on the country or region. Please leave this complicated tax exemption procedure to HACO Lab..

    Experts who have experience in international logistics for half a century and who are familiar with the latest customs clearance will propose the optimum scheme.