HACO Lab ハコラボ

Focus on new potential of logistics containers

HACO Lab. realizes visibility of supply chain and cost
reduction through logistics containers.

What’s HACO Lab.?

Logistics containers play an important role for the efficient transportation and the protecting precious products.
We, NISSIN CORPORATION focus on the new possibilities and the significance of logistics containers.

HACO Lab. aims to solve problems in logistics and to create future logistcs services by combining new technology with logistics containers.
By collaborating with various partners to provide one-stop services for development, management, and operation of logistics containers, NISSIN CORPORATION realize efficient and optimal logistics.


HACO Lab. QR application

HACO Lab. supports the management of logistics containers at low cost by using new scanning technology.

HACO Lab.QR application has a batch scaning function for QR codes.
By managing the read information in the cloud, you can centrally manage the inventory of logistics containers in real time.

HACO Lab. proposes simple and accurate logistics container management.


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    We were able to achieve the work efficient optimization and significant cost reductions by reducing one-way packaging materials, work time and the space of operation.

    Production Control Department