HACO Lab. utilizes IT to visualize the inventory of distribution containers.

  • 01

    In the operation of returnable containers, the most troublesome thing for managed person is grasping container inventory. If we can visualize this inventory information, where and how many units are in what state, we can strategically manage the operation of containers, additional loading, and so on.

    HACO Lab. provides an application for managing containers and a service site for visualizing the information collected by the application and assisting container operation.

  • 02

    RFID is used in the management method using wireless communication technology. It irradiates radio waves from a dedicated scanner and reads the IC label attached to the returnable container. It is a great advantage that it can read labels in invisible positions and can read a large amount at high speed.

  • 03

    QR codes are used in management methods that use image recognition technology. Use the camera function of your smartphone to read the QR code attached to the returnable container.

    Many people have the image of reading QR codes one by one, such as cashless payments, but the latest technology has made it possible to read multiple codes at once. It is easy to print QR code labels and obtain smartphones, and it is possible to reduce the introduction cost.

  • 04

    The container data loaded using the application is saved in the cloud and can be checked in real time from anywhere in the world. In addition to visualizing container inventory, we also support container usage history and data acquisition for container tax exemption customs clearance. It is also possible to manage the shipping information of the products to be packed by linking them.