We suggest the most suitable distribution container.

  • 01

    HACO Lab. can develop and suggest containers suitable for reuse and returnability in international logistics.

    Returnable distribution containers have the potential to simultaneously achieve various purposes such as product protection, distribution cost reduction, and environmental conservation efforts. We will suggest the most suitable distribution container based on  your problem.

  • 02

    The conditions required for a returnable distribution container are, first of all, the strength to withstand repeated use and the high rate of volume reduction when not in use. Furthermore, we want to ensure protection functions and high loading efficiency, taking into consideration the characteristics of the products to be packed.

    We will make use of the know-how cultivated from the field of international logistics to approach the needs of our customers from various angles.

  • 03

    Various materials such as steel, aluminum, resin and reinforced cardboard are used for distribution containers. We design and develop distribution containers in cooperation with container manufacturers of each material. We provide containers that meet the purpose by combining our knowledge as a logistics company with the design and technical capabilities of logistics container manufacturers. In addition, the container manufacturer also conducts strength tests, which contributes to the reliability of the container.

  • 04

    Please leave the transportation test using the new distribution container.

    We have our own bases in 23 countries overseas, and we can perform detailed verification work on both the origin and landing sides.

    Since the development of the distribution container and the transportation test are carried out under consistent management, the verification results are highly reliable and can be used for further improvement.