Using the batch scan function, which is a new technology of QR code,
Introducing a simple and easy container management system.

  • 01

    HACO Lab QR App


    We have developed and released a “new” returnable container management system by combining Nissin’s container management know-how unique to logistics companies with the new QR code technology.


    Its features are the following three points.

    ① Read a large number of QR codes at once at high speed

    (2) Realize low cost by using a commercially available smartphone

    ③ Simple and intuitive operation is possible by removing unnecessary functions.

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    Importance and Difficulty of Managing Returnable Logistics Containers

    A returnable container that has been put in so that it is sufficient after making a trial calculation in consideration of the shipping schedule and return schedule. However, for some reason it is always in short supply. Where is it? What is the condition?

    The basis of container inventory management is “where and how many containers are”, but it is not easy to grasp the containers scattered all over the country and the world.

    Speaking of conventional management methods, visual counting at the site, tabulation with spreadsheet software …

    This does not reduce the time and effort of field personnel and managers at all, but it only increases. Moreover, the shortage is newly purchased to make up for it, and even though it is returnable, the distribution cost will increase.

    In order to concentrate on the original production activities, the fastest way is to introduce and simplify the system for container management.

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    What can you do with the “HACO Lab QR App”?

    With automatic recognition technology, inventory counting and counting can be mechanized, reducing the burden and mistakes of on-site work.

    The data scanned in the field is stored in a cloud-based management system. Online visualization, visualization and centralized management of real-time container inventory information in each region.

    The HACO Lab QR app can not only manage and trace containers individually, but also link shipping information and product information such as invoices, packing lists, and invoices to containers. In other words, it also leads to improved traceability of the product.

  • 04

    Effect of introducing “HACO Lab QR App”


    Increased work efficiency: By switching from visual quantity counting to reading the QR code with a smartphone, the labor and counting mistakes of field workers can be reduced.


    Labor saving: Centrally manages container inventories at bases in each region and during transportation, and always visualizes the latest information. It is possible to easily grasp the retention and shortage of inventory, and to reduce the burden of container management work, so that you can concentrate on the original production and distribution business.


    Cost reduction: It is possible to predict the inventory excess and deficiency in the near future from the accumulated inventory and receipt / payment data of containers, return schedule, shipping prospects, etc., and to add additional containers at the appropriate time and in the appropriate amount. Prevents the introduction of extra containers and reduces distribution costs.